Greasing of electric motors and bearings

Greasing of electric motors and bearings remains an activity with title effective feedback to the technician on the effectiveness of the endeavor. When problems occur on critical grease lubricated equipment, investigations are often limited by the lack of grease condition information, and any post-mortem collected grease samples are only a snap-shot in time taken after the failure. Even so, these root cause investigation have in the past delivered valuable information with regards to grease condition, mixing, and even the presence of gross quantities of wear material in some cases, aiding in corrective action determinations.

An even greater opportunity exists in evaluating in-service greases in being able to identify developing conditions of wear, mixed greases, oxidation or other degradation modes using MRG Lab’s Grease Thief sampling tool. When a representative in-service grease sample is obtained, numerous analysis tests can be performed.

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