Question: How does the Grease Thief capture grease exiting an electric motor?

Answer: The Grease Thief has a 1/8” NPT thread that can be threaded in place of the motor bearing drain.

Question: The clear plastic looks fragile.  Does the Grease Thief break easily?

Answer: No, the unit body is constructed of translucent nylon, which is very tough.  The piston and the handle are also made of nylon.

Question: How can we analyze the grease?

Answer: Once the Grease Thief is full of grease it can be sent to the lab for analysis or it can be inspected visually by squeezing the grease out onto a white cloth or paper for inspection.

Question: What type of analysis can the lab perform?

Answer: The analysis areas evaluated are: Wear, consistency, contamination and oxidation.

Question: That if the Grease Thief is not completely filled and I want to get it analyzed?

Answer: When a Grease Thief is not completely filled, the laboratory will only run tests that the customer requests.  In order to run the Grease Thief consistency test, the Grease Thief must be completely filled.  However wear, contamination, and oxidation tests are performed with much smaller amounts of grease.